Summer Vacation Celebrity-Style: Instagram Snapshots of Zoomer Celebs

Photo of Joan Collins

Photo: Joan Collins/Instagram

In a bygone era, people would proudly show their vacation photos in a slideshow or photo album at family gatherings. This would often be met by much consternation of their visitors who were obliged to look and comment favourably on every single shot.

Today, photo albums gather dust in drawers, rarely displayed. For many, Instagram and Facebook are the preferred ways to show off those vacation snapshots. And instead of an intimate audience of family and friends, the world can now be your viewing party. Of course, this all leads to careful editing (and, of course, artful touch-ups) of those pics. Off-the-cuff or hilariously embarrassing moments rarely make the cut for public display.

Of course, there are still those of us who are not so discriminating and will post just about every waking moment of a fun holiday on Instagram. Surprisingly, some celebrities are also just as candid and will gleefully post some refreshingly natural holiday snapshots. Instead of boastful or envy-inducing shots of out-of-this-world activities, they post pictures of the simplest or the most touristy of activities. For a moment, we might think they are (somewhat) like us after all.

For a look at how your favourite Zoomer-aged celeb spent their summer vacation, please see below for some of their best Instagram holiday pics. 

They don’t just lay on a beach – they participate in energetic activities… 

Photo Goldie Hawn/Instagram

Goldie Hawn, 73

If you ever wondered how this actress maintains her age-defying body, it looks like she keeps her fitness regime at optimum levels even when on vacation. Holidaying in Italy this summer with her family, she went on a 23 mile long bike ride to visit a quaint little village.  Fun, fitness and family time all rolled into one — sounds like a fab getaway.

They enjoy a cocktail or two … 

Photo Helen Mirren/Instagram

Helen Mirren, 74

In New Orleans earlier this year, this award-winning actress stopped by an atmospheric looking dive bar by the name of Pal’s Lounge and ordered a delicious looking cocktail known as the Helen F***ing Mirren. No word on what’s in this particularly salacious drink but it sounds like quite a spirited concoction.

They light up the dance floor … 

Photo Joan Collins/Instagram

Joan Collins, 86

Unapologetic, hedonistic and resolutely fashionable, Dame Joan Collins’ Instagram shows a woman enjoying every minute of her vacation on the sun-drenched French Riviera. Photos show her unabashedly tanned, floating in a swimming pool wearing a bikini, sightseeing, hanging out with friends at dinner and dancing up a storm in a glittering jumpsuit at a friend’s birthday party (above). But amidst the frolicking days of fun, there were quiet moments of her playing Scrabble with her husband and reading to her godchild. May the sun never set on this icon.

They go antique hunting … 

Photo Cindy Crawford/Instagram

Cindy Crawford, 53

The supermodel spent some time this past summer in Muskoka with her family doing the things most Canadians do at cottages — swimming, relaxing and hanging out with friends. But besides those idyllic days lakeside, she explored the surrounding areas hunting for treasures with hubby in tow.

They hang out with their grandkids … 

Photo Kris Jenner/Instagram

Kris Jenner, 63

Holidaying in Italy, the head of the Kardashian clan took time to hang out with one of her grandchildren. But playtime with this glamorous grandma means a fashion photo op of her in a fabulous caftan.

They take time out to go to church … 

Photo Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez, 50

While not an official vacation, the performer had her family tag along during her “It’s My Party” world tour this past summer. During her stop in Tel Aviv, she took some down time with her kids and a camel ride, and in Jerusalem, visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of the Old City.