Queen Elizabeth’s note to Prince William up for auction

Prince William’s Christmas note from his grandmother Queen Elizabeth is expected to fetch £1,400 at auction.
The handwritten message on official Buckingham Palace paper, which presumably was accompanied with a gift, reads: “William, I hope you enjoy opening this each day.”
The Executive Vice President of RR Auction in Boston, America said of the unique piece: “A seldom-encountered piece of correspondence from within the royal family, enhanced by its fitting Christmas time association.”
The listings also include a letter from King Edward VIII to addressed to a Captain Faussett his trip to Rome, Italy in 1981.
It reads: “My visit to Rome was semi-official ‘on duty’ & it was one long string of official visits, meals, receptions, etc & I had to make a speech in a place like the Albert Hall one night & I also visited the Pope… Oh!! This war how it does drag on though. It’s going to last another 10 years, that’s what I feel about it though. Of course the Americans are going to pull us through we should be done without them!! Please forgive such a rotten, dull & untidy scrawl but it’s written in the office where we are very busy & where I’m being interrupted the whole time! (sic)”