Britain’s Duke of Cambridge attends funeral for Henry Worsley

Britain’s Duke of Cambridge joined mourners to remember the late Henry Worsley.
The 33-year-old royal attended a service at St Paul’s Church for the Antarctic explorer, who tragically passed away mid-expedition last month.
Following the service, retired Colour Sergeant Andy Whatley, who served with Mr Worsley, told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “He was an absolute legend, a fantastic man. People were told to come in colourful clothes because, let’s say, Henry didn’t tend to do things in the customary way, his attitude was ‘why should it always be the same old, same old’. He was a gentleman and he has gone well before his time.”
And Prince William was also on hand to attend a private celebration of Henry’s life at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.
Meanwhile, the Prince previously praised Henry for his “courage” and being such an inspiration to others.
He said: “We have lost a friend, but he will remain a source of inspiration to us all … Henry Worsley has achieved a great deal over this epic journey, and I am immensely proud of all his efforts.
“The courage he has shown is a source of inspiration for the wounded servicemen and women who benefit from his support of The Endeavour Fund.”
Henry is survived by his wife Joanna and their children Max and Alicia.