Queen Elizabeth’s 65-year reign

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth will mark 64 years as monarch on Saturday (06.02.16).
The royal – who is set to turn 90 this year – ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952, the day her beloved father King George VI passed away.
She is expected to spend the day quietly with her husband Prince Philip at her Sandringham estate.
While Accession Day is always low-key for the Queen, she will host a street party for 10,000 people to celebrate her 90th birthday
Peter Phillips, who is in charge of the event and also happens to be the Queen’s grandson, told the Daily Mail newspaper: “I was very conscious to make sure we did this properly, so we went through the normal channels of approaching the Palace.
“We had to show that this wasn’t a case of trying to cut corners because the Queen happens to be my grandmother. I said [to the Queen], ‘Oh, by the way you may or may not have heard that we are having conversations with your office about this’ … She said, ‘I’ve heard you’re up to something.'”
The Mall is set to be filled with a thousand tables, which seats ten people each, whilst ten thousand chairs will have to be placed down the iconic road individually.