Prince Charles’ huge art success

Britain’s Prince Charles is one of the UK’s most successful living artists.
The heir apparent – also known as the Prince of Wales – has sold £2 million worth of lithographs through his shop at his home in Highgrove House.
Lithographs – which is the process of painting on limestone and printing the image onto paper – is the Prince’s favoured technique and has allowed him to make many copies of his paintings.
New figures from the Royal household of an analysis of sales of limited edition lithographs – conducted by Clarence House and passed to The Telegraph – show what the Prince has earned since 1997 from sales of copies of his watercolour paintings through the shop at his family residence.
However it is believed the total earnings, including previous years sales could be as high as £8 million.
The money raised has gone to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation, which awards funding to various good causes.
Prices for the lithographs range from £2,500 in the Highgrove shop to £15,000 in the Belgravia Gallery, which previously handled all sales.
The figures show that the Prince is in the top band of artists currently earning a living, as he has earned an estimated £200,000 annually from art sales over the past 25 years.
Speaking of his passion for the craft, Princ Charles once said: “We walk away and shuffle off our mortal coil, but these things live on.”