Princess Sofia was reduced to tears during hometown visit

Sweden’s Princess Sofia was reduced to tears when she visited her hometown Älvdalen on Tuesday (06.10.15).
The Duchess struggled to contain her emotions when she arrived at the beautiful place in Sweden with her husband Prince Carl Philip to be greeted by hundreds of onlookers.
The brunette beauty, who hasn’t returned home since she married her beau in june, told the crowd of people: “I’m glad that so many have come, I really appreciate that. I was not sure if any would come.”
According to HELLO! magazine, she added: “Dear Älvdalsbor, many thanks for allowing us to be with you here today. I must admit that I was pretty nervous to come here in a complete new role, but your warm reception made it much easier. I was touched to see you here. It felt very special.”
Sofia – who was known as Sofia Kristina Hellqvist prior to her nuptials earlier this year – went on to praise the county Dalarna for shaping her into the person she is today.
She explained: “Dalarna has a very important place in my heart and especially Älvdalen. Here, I’ve spent years, and it largely shaped me as a person.
“Dalarna is very beautiful, I am not only thinking of the nature but also of the beautiful people here.”
After greeting the residents, the former model took her handsome spouse on a walk in the countryside, before they travelled to the Idre Sami Village and spoke to the locals about how much they have enjoyed their two-day visit.