Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge praises child named George

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge told a child with the name George he has a “good name”.
When Princess Catherine and Prince William visited the 1851 Trust children’s charity in Portsmouth, England on Sunday, (26.07.15) Catherine jumped at the chance to compliment a boy who has the same name as son 2-year-old Prince George.
The CEO of the trust Alasdair Akass recalled: “One of the young lads asked her a question, and Kate asked him what his name was. He said, ‘George,’ and as quick as a flash, Kate joked, ‘Good name!'”
The Duchess – who is a patron of the charity which supports children with low self-esteem – spent a lot of time with the children at the event and “put everyone at ease straight away”.
Alasdair told PEOPLE magazine: “Some of the children were completely wet from the heavy rain and were squelching around in their shoes. But she [Catherine] was very disarming. It was a very informal visit, and both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent a lot of time with children, which was fantastic. They put everyone at ease straight away and the children really opened up.”
Alasdair said Catherine also recognised that “sailing gives confidence”.
He added: “Kate has always said that she recognises that sailing gives confidence and [she] is hugely, hugely supportive. The freedom [sailing] gives you also appeals to her – although she did admit that she is ‘a bit rusty.”