Prince Charles to show off Transylvanian house on BBC Radio 4

The Prince of Wales is opening the doors of his private house in Transylvania for a BBC Radio 4 series, ‘On Your Farm’.
The radio show will visit Prince Charles’ farm in Romania in a two-part special to be broadcast this summer, in which he will talk about why he thinks it’s “so important” to preserve rural communities, as well as what the UK can learn from Eastern Europe. The two-part radio show will also see Duchy tenant farmers and other organisations in the UK talking about Charles’s work on biodiversity and helping rural communities.
In a statement, BBC Radio 4 said: “He talks passionately about why he cares so much about preserving biodiversity and rural communities.
“He talks about why he thinks it is so important to preserve the rich meadows of Romania and create new ones in the UK, what we can learn from these Eastern European communities, and what should be done to preserve them.”
Prince Charles has visited rural Romania regularly since his first trip there in 1998, and he has bought and renovated properties there to help protect the unique way of life that has existed for hundreds of years.
In 2006, the Prince decided to buy and restore an 18th century Saxon house in the Transylvanian village Viscri, a designated Unesco World Heritage Site, and in 2010, he purchased a property in the village of Zalanpatak which was founded four centuries ago as a glass manufacturing area in the heart of the forest.