A Q&A with Richard Branson

Richard Branson with Suzanne Boyd photo by George Pimentel

Last night in Toronto, Sir Richard Branson was joined by celebrity Chef Guy Rubino of AME Restuarant, Charles Khabouth, co-partner at Bisha Hotel, as well as top community leaders and philanthropists for a Virgin Unite (the non-profit foundation of The Virgin Group) fundraising dinner supporting its network of partners and programs dedicated to finding long-term solutions for the 65,000 homeless youth in Canada. During the silent auction, which included a seven-day visit to Sir Richard’s legendary private island, Zoomer Magazine Editor-In-Chief Suzanne Boyd sat down with Sir Richard, who excels in extreme adventure as well as business, for a quick chat.

SB: What inspired you to turn the resources of Virgin Unite to this Toronto-based issue?
RB: I was once driving from the airport in Toronto into the city, and it was winter, and I saw all these homeless kids. And I couldn’t believe that this was happening in a developed country and one like Canada.

SB: What message can Boomers pass on to the younger generation?
RB: They can help. Anyone in a position to help should. And they can teach the skills of entrepreneurship to help young people get ahead.

SB: What record do you plan to break next?
RB: Well, we were working on a submarine that will go to the very bottom of the ocean.

SB: As a surfer, good luck with that.