Betty White and Jamie Lee Curtis Talk Sex, Aging and Hollywood

Betty White, Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis at the ‘You Again’ Hollywood Premiere. Photo by Ann Porter/Broadimage/KEYSTONE Press

Betty White, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kristen Bell recently caught up with AARP magazine to discuss love, aging, sex, Hollywood and more sex.

Betty White candidly discussed her first and second marriages, “I would not have married my first or second husbands. I married my first because we wanted to sleep together. It lasted six months, and we were in bed for six months. The second time I was deeply in love, but he wanted me to get out of show business–a deal breaker. Both marriages helped me to appreciate the real thing when it came along.” White even had some tips for her soon-to-be married costar, Bell, “The secret to our marriage was enthusiasm. His intelligence and sense of humor got to me. It sounds like a cliche, but my advice to Kristen [engaged to actor Dax Shepard] is never take each other for granted. When I knew Allen was coming home, I would freshen my makeup, put on a new blouse. He would call from where he was and ask me out on a date. Sometimes that meant pick up a chicken, and we’d put some records on and dance. That was our date–silly, but it kept the freshness in the relationship.”

Curtis noted how her marriage has lasted so long, ”The secret is evolution. If you’re lucky, you evolve simultaneously. Chris and I are in different jobs now than when we got married. He wasn’t a director; he was an actor. I wasn’t a writer; I was an actor. We supported each other when we made changes, even when there weren’t financial rewards. There were times I led, and times Chris led, but the disparity never felt like one of us had moved beyond the other. My husband and I are very different and have always been. Now with our 14-year-old son, Thomas [their daughter, Annie, is 23], getting some independence, we have free time. So what do we do? I play tennis. He golfs and sails. We need to find something to do together!”

When the topic of plastic surgery and Hollywood came up, Curtis showed how much respect she has for White and why Why she might not last as long as 88-year-old White in the industry. “There’s a reason why there is only one Betty White. [Speaking to Betty] You’ve navigated this magnificently and had good health and fantastic opportunities, and you’ve knocked them out of the ballpark. There are people who, when you see them on the screen, there’s an audible gasp of “Oh my God.” They look terrible — or they’ve done something to themselves and now look like freaks. Then there are people who age beautifully. There is one Meryl Streep and one Sigourney Weaver. But I could name 30 other actresses in their [age] groups who aren’t working today. Me, I’m getting my ass out of this business in a few years because genetically it’s not going to work for me. And I’m not saying this so you guys say, “Oh, you’re so pretty.” I’m talking about aging and genetics.”

Even the young Bell had something to say about the plastic surgery fad in Hollywood. “Why are we all playing this gigantic game trying to be who we were five years ago?” she said.

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