Book of the Week: Blue Future by Maude Barlow

Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever, is Maude Barlow’s final installment in her Blue Trilogy, which  began with Blue Gold and Blue Covenant — together they form her call to action to create a water-secure world. Blue Future provides a penetrating look at the global water crisis, along with practical solutions based on four simple principles. These include the credos that water is a human right (a right Barlow championed to the United Nations) and that water is a common heritage and public trust.

Barlow believes the world water crisis is a particularly relevant issue for Zoomers.

“Our generation is mercilessly mining and depleting the world’s freshwater stock, essentially robbing future generations of their water inheritance,” she says. “It is crucial that older Canadians speak up about the destruction of our water heritage and take a stand for those who come after us.”

Earning praise from social and environmental heavyweights like Stephen Lewis, Naomi Klein, and David Suzuki, Blue Future is a provocative and inspiring treatise, challenging all of us to protect this precious resource.