Whoopi Goldberg Creates Comic Book Hero Who Gains Superpowers From Menopause

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg pictured during the 2024 Tribeca Festival in June. Her first comic book, 'The Change,' is out now. Photo : Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

There isn’t much that Whoopi Goldberg hasn’t done in the entertainment world. At 68, she’s already an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner – one of only 19 people to ever achieve the feat, and she did it by age 46! – a comedy legend and longtime co-host of the daytime talk show The View. Now, she can add “comic-book creator” to her extensive résumé with the recent release of her first comic, The Change.

“It’s about a woman who embraces the superpowers that she gains through menopause,” Goldberg explained on an episode of The View on Tuesday (July 9), adding that she wrote it 25 years ago because she “was in the midst of going through the change” herself.

The comic book – or graphic novel as it’s also been called – follows the character Isabel Frost, described by publisher Dark Horse as “a woman who has spent her life as wife, mother, grandmother – a life she feels isn’t all she had hoped for, with a husband who has grown in another direction.”

Goldberg also revealed that Frost’s unexpected superpowers include the ability to transfer the hot flashes caused by menopause to her husband during an argument, “basically cooking him.”

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg originally conceived The Change, about a woman for whom menopause becomes a superpower, a quarter century ago.


Goldberg noted on The View that she’d “always loved comic books since I was a little kid. But none of the comic books seemed to speak to me, so I wrote my own.” She added that, “So many superheroes have wonderful chests and magnificent bodies. [Frost] does not. She looks like a regular person. And she’s put on weight. And she’s funny. And I wanted to play her – I wrote her so I would have a superhero, but I aged out.”

With The Change, Goldberg joins a host of other A-list celebrities who are using their names and influence to transform the once taboo subject of menopause into a multibillion-dollar business, complete with products and endorsements.

The publisher’s synopsis of The Change, meanwhile, fleshes out some of the details of the book and character: “With a background in computer science, Isabel is an amazing gamer who plays with people all over the country. With the help of her comic-loving grandson and irreverent best friend, she must learn to control her abilities and embrace her new identity as The Change – both the change of life AND her surprising and extraordinary superpowers.”

The Change was co-written by Goldberg and American screenwriter Jaime Paglia (EurekaThe Flash TV series) and illustrated by Nigerian artist Sunkanmi Akinboye.