“What a Lovely Man”: Mountain Bikers Bump Into King Charles Walking Solo Through Scottish Estate

King Charles

King Charles (then-Prince Of Wales) hikes on his Llwynywermod Estate, July 10, 2012 in Llandovery, Wales. Photo: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

A group of mountain bikers had the encounter of a lifetime as they bumped into King Charles III who was strolling through the countryside in Balmoral, Scotland.

Remarkable footage captured by Andrew McAvoy, 37, who goes by McTrail Rider on YouTube, shows himself, Ben Jones, 34, and Louise Haggarty, 35, setting off for their ride before meeting the King on August 25.

In British fashion, the conversation starts off by talking about the weather with the monarch labelling the dismal conditions as “typical”.

The YouTuber told the King that they were staying in the Royal Lochnagar Distillery, and were heading for Gelder Shiel – known as the Ernie’s Bothy or the Royal Bothy.

“So good. I’m so glad it works. I think because it’s really nice. We renovated recently, but I’m trying to get more trees,” Charles replied.

The King then wishes the bikers well. “Take are, don’t fall off,” he jokes.

After going their separate ways, McAvoy then tells the camera: “That was a king. That was pretty cool! What a nice man, what a lovely man. He had time for us.”

The bikers then pass the King‘s entourage who were stationed further up the road with their vehicles.

Speaking to Newsflare about his remarkable experience, McAvoy said: “Whilst out in the Scottish countryside in Balmoral, we bumped into the King!

“Best of all, he was walking down the path when everyone else chose to drive.

“I uploaded this video because I feel that this is a rare video where we get to see what the King is actually like, away from all the formalities and traditions that normally accompany him.

“The man was clearly very passionate about nature, the estate and the local people.

“I arrived not caring for the Royal family but left really appreciating how nice the King was to talk to.”

McAvoy ends the video by saying he wished he met the Queen.