Podcast: Erin Davis’ Candid Discussion About Enduring Tragedy and Rediscovering Happiness

Erin Davis

Photo courtesy Erin Davis/Facebook

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In the most candid and personal Ages & Icons interview to date, Canadian broadcasting great Erin Davis, 56, sits down for a poignant and, yes, humorous one-on-one discussion about her journey from unimaginable grief to rediscovering happiness following the sudden death of her 24-year-old daughter Lauren in 2015.

In early May, 2015, Davis, the long time, top-rated morning host on Toronto’s 98.1 CHFI radio station, was moments away from going live to air when she received the heartbreaking news of her daughter’s passing. Now, nearly four years on, she’s talking about the experience in her new book, Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy.

In the book, Davis notes that, “Joy can be ours again, and although it will never feel as complete as it once did, it is our right to feel happiness.” And that’s what Davis discussed with Ages & Icons when we sat down with her recently in a downtown Toronto hotel room. The radio veteran held nothing back, using her unique insight and trademark wit in guiding us through her recent struggles and successes, from her lowest lows following her daughter’s passing to the messages she believes she’s received from Lauren since that sad day to the differences in how we experience grief to how she’s learned to smile, laugh and be joyful again. And, of course, Davis explains how she hopes her story will inspire and help others in confronting their own tragedies.

But that’s not all. Davis also talks to us about her celebrated radio career, what she’s been doing since she stepped away from the mic in 2016, tips for getting the most out of your retirement and what goals she still hopes to accomplish.

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