Podcast: Alan Arkin’s 50-Year Spiritual Journey

Alan Arkin

Photo by Munawar Hosain/Fotos International/Getty Images

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A terrifying past life experience. Unexplained miracles. The fruits of Freudian analysis. It’s all part of Oscar and Tony-winning actor Alan Arkin’s latest Audible audiobook, Out of My Mind, in which he chronicles 50 years of living as a spiritual and psychological work in progress, attempting to carve out a belief system of his own.

“If I have a belief system left, it mostly revolves around stopping to breathe, taking long slow breathes and asking myself at any given moment, ‘Is this really true? Will it be true in half an hour?’ It saves me a lot of wasted time and effort,” Arkin, who recently received a 2019 Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the Netflix series The Kominsky Method, says in the opening chapter.

From there, he takes listeners on a raw, honest, incredible and intimately personal journey through the decades of his life and the absorbing psychological explorations and spiritual experiences that shaped who he is today.

This, of course, piqued our interest, so Ages & Icons caught up with Arkin on the phone from his home to discuss everything from his terrifying past life experience to his long psychological journey and how it’s affected him as he ages. And, of course, we asked him about his career, The Kominsky Method, why he and his wife love keeping a residence on Cape Breton Island and so much more.

Funny, fascinating and thoughtful, this is the most personal interview we’ve ever conducted on Ages & Icons.

Alan Arkin’s Audible audiobook Out of My Mind is available now.