Podcast: Rick Mercer On Rants, Non-Retirement and His Final Report

Rick Mercer

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Rick Mercer is definitely not retired. Sure, he stepped away from his top-rated Canadian comedy show, The Rick Mercer Report, after 15 seasons. If you think, however, that that means the 49-year-old is sitting at home twiddling his thumbs, think again.

In fact, Mercer’s used his newfound free time to build a cabin and compile a new book, Rick Mercer Final Report, a collection of his most memorable rants — a RMR trademark — from the show’s run, covering everything from politics to elevator etiquette.

Mercer recently sat down with Ages & Icons host Mike Crisolago to talk about his new book, the current state of political satire and the one person he wishes he could have hung out with on his show. Click the player above to hear the full podcast.