Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee, is the victim in a Los Angeles Police Department elder abuse investigation that now involves an arrest, restraining order and a court-ordered guardianship for the 95-year-old, according to multiple reports.

Talk of elder abuse surrounding the creator of beloved comic book heroes from Spider-Man to Black Panther to The X-Men were first revealed in April via a blockbuster Hollywood Reporter investigation. At the time, various people in Lee’s inner circle, including his 67-year-old daughter, J.C. and Keya Morgan, a memorabilia collector, filmmaker and historian, were accused of attempting to gain power over the 95-year-old and his business empire following the death of his wife Joan in 2017. Morgan eventually won the power struggle and, along with J.C., reportedly began, “‘consolidating their power over Lee,’ going so far as to change his telephone number and monitor his emails, restrict his trusted assistant of 25 years to infrequent, supervised visits, fire long-time staff at his home and replace his accountant and lawyer.” This week, however, that same lawyer, Tom Lallas, was appointed Lee’s guardian by a Los Angeles court after the most recent twist in this sad saga.

Lassas had grown increasingly concerned for Lee’s well-being, claiming Morgan has kept friends and loved ones from contacting Lee as well as moving him “from his family home into an unfamiliar environment without notifying relatives of his whereabouts.” He also noted that, “Mr. Morgan has forced all of Mr. Lee’s staff, including nurses and security personnel, to sign non-disclosure agreements. These agreements have prevented staff from sharing their concerns on behalf of Mr. Lee.”

As a result, Variety reports, on May 30, “police and adult protective services officers were called to Lee’s home … Morgan arrived while the detectives were there, and made a 911 call claiming that three unidentified subjects had broken into the home.” The story adds that Morgan made a second false 911 call the following day.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Morgan was subsequently arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report and released on $20,000 bond while Lallas was made Lee’s court-appointed guardian. Today, Lee served Morgan with a temporary restraining order.

It’s a sharp turn in a domestic situation rife with instability. Just this past Sunday Lee took to Twitter to declare that “My only partner and business manager is @KeyaMorgan not all the other people making false claims.” Such declarations of trust — particularly those filmed and released via social media — often raised more questions than answers, however, in instances when Morgan was also the person filming them. A police report filed in late 2017 notes that, during a police interview with Lee that was initiated, ironically, by Morgan, “the detective found that Lee is influenced by Morgan.”