Music Fans Rejoice at News of Leonard Cohen’s “Popular Problems”

The last time Leonard Cohen performed in Toronto, he turned to the crowd during his sold out set at the Air Canada Centre and declared that, while he hopes to be back at age 80, “we may or may not see each other again, so I promise you tonight we’ll give you everything we’ve got.”

Today, news broke that our man Leonard is, indeed, back.

Sony Music announced that the legendary Canadian poet and singer will mark his 80th birthday this September with the release of his 13th studio album, Popular Problems.

The album drops on Sept. 23 – two days after the timeless troubadour’s birthday. The first single, Almost Like The Blues, which can be heard here, features Cohen’s trademark baritone delivered in an almost whispered hush. Yet there’s a subtle vigor in his voice – a regeneration of sorts – compared to his last album, 2012’s Old Ideas.

That’s, of course, not to say anything against Old Ideas. Aside from being a brilliant album, it also proved Cohen’s highest-charting album ever and spawned a year-and-a-half long world tour. And if you were lucky enough to be at one of those shows, you know how brilliant it was.

A glance at the track listing below also shows Cohen’s music travelling along a familiar trajectory, in a realm somewhere between romance and religion, mythology and the anguish of everyday life.

There’s no word whether a tour will follow, but one thing is certain: it may be Leonard Cohen’s birthday, but we’re the ones enjoying the gift.

Popular Problems track listing, courtesy of Sony Music:

1. Slow

2. Almost Like The Blues

3. Samson In New Orleans

4. A Street

5. Did I Ever Love You

6. My Oh My

7. Nevermind

8. Born In Chains

9. You Got Me Singing