Canada Post Releases Classic Rock Stamps

Canada Post has launched its first-ever series of stamps depicting classic Canadian bands, ensuring the awkward convergence of music fans wearing faded rock T-shirts and stamp enthusiasts wearing neatly pressed slacks at post office outlets across the country.

It’s a cultural event, to be sure – especially for those who remember the heyday of stamps and actual paper mail.

So who are the four bands chosen for this honour, you ask? They are:

RUSH: Yay!

The Guess Who: Cool!

The Tragically Hip: Awesome!

Beau Dommage: Who?

Yes, Montreal-based 1970s band Beau Dommage – who The Canadian Encyclopedia calls the “leading Quebec rock band of the mid-1970s.” Impressive? Absolutely. Stamp-worthy? Hmmm….

Who knows – perhaps Beau Dommage will experience a national resurgence due to their stamp exposure. As for the stamps themselves, designer Louis Gagnon worked with members of each band to decide on the look of them, and according to Canada Post, you can buy the stamps individually or they’re “available in booklets of 10 stamps, a set of four booklets and a souvenir sheet of four stamps.”

For more info or to purchase the stamps, visit

And in the comment section below, let us know which rockers you think should be featured on future Canada Post stamps!